September 17, 2012

It's the Little Things: Spain's True Wealth

I'm not exactly known for my brevity, but there are these little things I keep coming across, these beautiful treasures of Valencia, or of Spain, that I want to share. And I'm going to have to learn to share them without going on and on and on... Oh drat! There I go again.

For example, I recently came across this incredible video about "The birds of Spain" (for info on the types of birds shown in the video, read here), whose breathtaking footage was perfect for lifting me out of a funk from those (trivial) day-to-day problems:

The video was made by one Raúl Tomás Granizo, a young Spanish freelance wildlife filmaker and nature photographer whose video exploits you can follow at his Vimeo Wildglimpses page or his personal webpage, One of Spain's many treasures is its biodiversity, particularly in birds because the Iberian Peninsula is a crossroads of sorts for birds migrating between Europe and Africa.

Having recently returned from the Pyrenees, I was also smitten with this other video by him, "Pyrenees, the mountains of light", shot mainly in my beloved Valle de Tena:

Raúl, I'm a fan! Keep sharing these wonderful nature videos!

I share them with all of you out there who are reading as a salve for all the bruises and burns you might be feeling from the continued onslaught of overhyped negative press about Spain's economy. These videos kind of put it back in perspective... they remind us of Spain's true wealth.


Matt Davies said...

Jaw dropping videos. Thanks for sharing!

An Expat in Spain said...

Thanks Matt! I agree. They are incredible.

Mike said...

They are awesome. I visited many European country but I must say that Spain is my favorite place out of all especially Barcelona.
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